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Home Composting

Home composting- - the best way do deal with your waste!

The average dustbin contains about 60% of materials which are suitable for composting so it is obvious that by investing in a home-composter you can make a considerable reduction in the waste being sent to landfill from your home. For environmental reasons it also makes sense to compost at home as by composting in your own back garden you are dealing with the waste close to where it is produced and so eliminating the need to transport it elsewhere thus saving on energy. You can use the compost that you make in many ways in your garden or on potted plants as a top dressing, soil improver or bedding medium for instance.

You can compost any organic waste including fruit and vegetable peelings, teabags, grass, twigs, dead leaves, paper and cardboard, sawdust and many more materials. Avoid putting cooked foods, meat/fats or pet faeces in your composter as these are unsuitable to compost in this way.

Further information on composting at home may be obtained from our Environment Education Officer, Barry Tapster.  He can be contacted at the Council Depot or by telephoning 028 2826 2307.

Home composters are available from Larne Borough Council at the subsidised rate of 5.00 each. 

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