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Press Releases

Stray and Abandoned Dogs

27 May 2010

Larne Borough Council’s Environmental Services Department has expressed concern about the numbers of stray and abandoned dogs in the Borough.

In the last year 107 dogs have been found stray and impounded, only 53 of these dogs were subsequently reclaimed by their owners. A further 31 were handed in, unwanted by their owners. The total unwanted and remaining abandoned strays dogs (85) were either sold (50) or transferred to the Dogs Trust (21) and 14 were put to sleep. In all cases where a dog has been put to sleep it has been for medical or behavioural reasons. It is not the Council’s policy to have healthy dogs destroyed.

While the figures are unacceptable they indicate an improvement on the previous year when 138 dogs were impounded and 75 subsequently reclaimed. There were 48 dogs unwanted by owners. Of all the remaining dogs, 66 were sold and 49 transferred with 19 put to sleep.Commenting on the issue of abandoned and unwanted dogs, Gawn Graham, Environmental Warden for Larne Borough Council said:
“We are actively promoting responsible dog ownership within our Borough Area. The only way we can decrease the number of stray and unwanted dogs ending up on our street is by education and by increasing the number of dogs that can be easily identified through micro-chipping and also to increase the number of dogs and bitches in our area that have been neutered or spayed and this helps reduce the number of unwanted puppies in the Borough.”
“I would ask anyone thinking of getting a dog to consider taking a dog from the dog pound or a charity shelter. People getting dogs should also consider the amount of care and attention that a dog is going to need and ask themselves:-
• Will you be able to walk your dog twice a day to keep it fit and healthy?
• Will you have enough money to feed your dog and provide any veterinary treatment it might need?
• Will you have enough time to spend with your dog - if your dog is left alone all day he might bark/rip up furniture/dig up your garden?
• Do you have the patience to care for your dog and train it in basic obedience?

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